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It’s All Business at HC

March 16th, 2011 tjcull14

Sorry for the lack of post last week, I was on spring break.

You may be thinking: “Ted, you probably had nothing to do over the break except wake up at 11:00, watch SportsCenter, check Facebook, eat, and repeat. How did you not have time for us?” Well, you’re wrong. Although I got sufficient Facebook and SportsCenter time, I was working. All Day. At School.

That’s right followers + mom. I spent my spring break at Holy Cross at the Pre-Business sponsored Executive Leadership Workshop. After being elected into the workshop at the end of December, I was enthusiastic about  learning more about business and getting hands on experience on how to run a company. However, a week before break I had no interest of staying another week on campus and doing more work.

Going into the week I was unsure of what to expect. I had never studied business, nor had I ever received any business training. The only business I ever knew came from car ride discussions with my dad after I would stupidly ask “Dad, how big is your company?” Before I knew it I was knee deep in a discussion about stock benefits, domestic revenue versus international revenue, and publically traded companies.

This past week was the complete opposite of any pre-conceived notions I had about business. Everyday different Holy Cross alumni who now work as CEOs came and talked to us about how to start companies, how to sustain them, and then how to solve problems that may arise while working for them. Each day was very interactive. The alumni presenters did a great job of making the day exciting and the best part was that we were getting a first hand experience on real problems and solutions that the same CEOs faced while at their respective jobs.

Before I came to Holy Cross, I knew that I wanted to work in the business field, however I was a little skeptical because Holy Cross did not have a business school. I didn’t know if having a business degree couldn’t get you a job in business. However this week proved any previous notion I had about business degrees wrong. The alumni majored in anything from art history to English and they are now successful and well respected in their particular companies. This week also showed that it is not necessary to major in economics or accounting in order to go into business. Although having an economics or accounting background may help in knowing the business field better than a chemistry major, don’t force yourself to major in it if its not something that you are truly interested in.

This week taught me that companies love Holy Cross students because we are diverse thinkers who approach problems holistically with a diverse mindset. This week also taught me that spending your spring break at school could be an amazing experience and one that will benefit me immensely in my future. I strongly recommend anyone who plans on attending HC next year and is interested in business to not only join the Pre-Business program, but also pursue the Executive Leadership Workshop. So, with that said I guess I can confidently, and enthusiastically talk to my dad about domestic versus international revenue.

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